Pole & Post Frame Building Materials

McQuilken Lumber stocks a high quality of pole and post frame building materials. We offer free estimates for any and all of your building projects. If you’re a builder or a do-it-yourselfer, McQuilken Lumber can furnish the materials needed to get the job done. The following materials are a sample of the vast inventory we stock, or can order for pickup or delivery. Call us at (330) 525-7715 or (330) 525-7520 to get pricing or availability on all your building needs.


Treated Posts:

#2 and better

4x4 (8’ through 16’)

4x6 (8’ through 20’)

6x6 (8’ through 20’)


Laminated columns in 3 ply 2x6 - 24’ lengths:

Laminated posts are made of three or four layers of lumber to give the post extra strength. We can also order other laminated posts to fit your application.

3-Ply 2x6 Laminated Column (12’-36’)

3-Ply 2x8 Laminated Column (18’-36’)

4-Ply 2x6 Laminated Column (16’-36’)

4-Ply 2x8 Laminated Column (20’-36’)


Treated Posts (CCA.60):

4x6x (12’-20’)

6x6x (14’-30’


Post Protectors & Grade Guards:

4x6x60” Post Protector

6x6x60” Post Protector

3-Ply 2x6 Post Protector

3-Ply 2x8 Post Protector


4x6x30” Grade Guard

6x6x30” Grade Guard

3-Ply 2x6 Grade Guard


Footer Pads:

3 1/2” x 16 Footer Pad


Lumber (8’ through 20’)


Non Treated:

SPF 2x4

SPF 2x6

#1 Southern Yellow Pine 2x8

#1 Southern Yellow Pine 2x10

#1 Southern Yellow Pine 2x12


#2 Boards (8’ through 16’)







Barn Siding:

# 2 & Better 1x 8 (8’ through 16’)


Porch Flooring:

C & Better Yellow Pine Beaded

8’,10’,12’ Lengths


Treated Lumber:

Dimensional Lumber – All #1 Grade

2x4 (8’ through 16’)

2x6 T&G (8’ through 16’)



1x6 D & Better Premium (12’ & 16’)

1x8 D & Better (12’ & 16’)

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